Will probably cost you 50 Euros in Greece


On Sunday we decided to have, for old times sake, a Greek lunch just for us. Having been lucky enough to have visited Greece many times, and loving its food, this was a perfect decision.


It all started with a magnificent piece of sirloin steak. Far too big for one person it was done to perfection, quite rare in the middle and deliciously caramelized outside.

The table

Accompanying it were some magnificent dips, fried Halloumi, and delicious falafel balls. The dips included, of course, the ubiquitous tzatziki and heavenly hummus.  I am sure you notice an absence of what is often the obligatory salata horiatiki–Greek peasant salad– but that is far too healthy for us.  The highlight of the dips was undoubtedly the whipped Feta, intensely salty, creamy to perfection. It is easily made with feta, olive oil, some cream, and double cream yoghurt —heaven. Experiment with the proportions.  I could just eat it by the spoonful. It goes brilliantly on roast potatoes.

Very rustic

We finished up with what is by far the best banana bread I have ever eaten, slightly modified from our favourite Greek cooking channel Akis’ Kitchen with Akis Petretzikis.Superbly crunchy, packed with the taste and aroma of bananas, and probably bad for you, but,hey, life is short, eat the cake.

Heavenly banana loaf!

Google the recipe, which is so easy you will be amazed. There’s even a gluten free version which is not the one we made. We just used the traditional way he does it and used gluten free flour, only to discover that that is basically what he does! Oh, and we didn’t caramelize the bananas.


Slices perfectly

Very important with this sort of meal is the olive oil you use so, being unable to get the very best Greek olive oils here, we invariably use Tokara which is brilliant. Kali Orexi! Thanks to my chef, I could eat lilke this every day–but, alas, do not. Sigh.