The imposing Kasteelberg towers over the Riebeek Valley where the twin towns of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West vie for attention. This is the birthplace of two of South Africa’s most famous sons, Jan Smuts and D. F. Malan, who were fierce political opponents. The two families, however, were friends; on Sundays the Smuts family would ride over to the Allesverloren farm, the property of the Malan family since 1872, and together they would go to worship at the local Dutch Reformed Church. Afterwards, lunch would be enjoyed in the Malan manor house, accompanied by the wines and Ports of Allesverloren.

The Malan family today

This kind of heritage sits easily on the shoulders of the present winemaker, Danie Malan, an affable and unassuming man, outgoing and jovial. Having grown up on the farm, he is close to the soil on which the famous vines of Allesverloren grow. From the upper slopes of the Kasteelberg, where the oldest vines still bear highly individualistic grapes, even after 50 years of doing so, he surveys the vista before him with much satisfaction. Here are the hardy varietals of Tinta Barocca, Touriga Nacional, and Souzao, the main components of the superb Port he makes. Surprisingly, the upper vines are not irrigated, but must survive to be the best without interference.

The new vintage

The new vintage of South Africa’s icon port from Allesverloren has been unveiled. Deemed the must-have for drinks connoisseurs, the wine’s latest vintage re-affirms Allesverloren’s status for premier quality.

The classic past

With the launch of this 2020 vintage also comes a new name. The Allesverloren Fine Old Vintage now becomes Allesverloren Cape Vintage.The change is linked to the early 2000s ban on wines outside specific European areas using the name port. Wineries immediately adopted various names, but Cape Vintage has become the most widely recognised – in South African and internationally alike.

Getting to grips with Mother Nature

The wine was crafted from several varieties among the farm’s highest quality vineyards. These thrive in soils of Malmesbury shale that occur along the slopes of the Kasteelberg Mountain that is Allesverloren’s home. Once the grapes were harvested and vinified, the wine was fortified and matured in old oak barrels for 4 years before bottling.

The result is a rich wine, deep ruby-red in colour with a character typical of elite port wines – dark, ripe fruit, raisins and fruitcake. The palate is velvet-smooth and lingering.


Allesverloren Cape Vintage is best enjoyed slightly chilled and pairs well with cheese and a variety of desserts. Great for the approaching cooler seasons, it also makes the perfect mix for a range of cocktails. Allesverloren Cape Vintage truly is an ideal, year-round drink.


Taste Allesverloren Cape Vintage 2020 and the rest of the farm’s range at its wine tasting room between Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West, open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm.

Allesverloren’s wines are available across the country and via its online store at

For more information, call 022 461 2589.