At Steenberg Edoardo Villa’s solid, bold coloured steel structures are juxtaposed against the backdrop of historic buildings, verdant vineyards and lush gardens. Villa’s piercing red African Astronaut on the hotel lawns watching over the 17th century werf, typifies the latter part of his career.

A notable family collection of masterpieces by celebrated local and international artists makes Steenberg Hotel & Spa an inspiring destination in the Constantia Wine Valley for lovers of fine art

Made possible by Beck Family Philanthropy, custodians of this proud 17th century historical landmark, the family’s love of the South African arts is evident in the significant number of installations and works that adorn the interior and outdoor spaces of Steenberg Vineyards



Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure graces the wall of one of the luxurious hotel suites. Created in 1973, this is an excellent example of his mixture of imagination and observation, pulled from objects in his surroundings and his personal thoughts.

South African artist Cecil Skotnes pioneered the use of earth pigments and indigenous wood to construct visual stories about the African past.  His oil on a carved wooden panel entitled Head, is a fine portrayal of his work and may be found in the reception area of the hotel.

The reception area greets guests with a magnificent, almost life-size bronze sculpture, Leopard Head, by South African artist Dylan Lewis. Most famous for his works of African wild cats, Lewis has emerged as one of the foremost figures in contemporary sculpture.

South African artist Mongezi Ncaphayi’s  large-scale, quietly abstract paintings offer an allusive, layered and gently celebratory interpretation of displacement and spiritual unrest. Ncaphayi’s Distant Nowhere is exhibited in the reception area of Tryn Restaurant.

Tryn is also home to the work of another foremost South African artist, Irma Stern. Her post-impressionist portrait, The Initiate, has pride of place in the restaurant.

Sidney Goldblatt’s Hartebeest can be found on one of the staircases leading off the Hotel reception area.

So why not fire up the motoring piece and head over to Steenberg and take a look for yourself. After art try one of the great restaurants there and unwind in style.