Light and airy and modern

The Forneria Italia chain—can I call it a chain? — has opened a new one –bigger and more modern, but still with the same superb food they are known for.  These are authentic places serving authentic Italian food not to be missed. If you can’t find a pizza you like here, you are not really trying and the same goes for the pasta dishes. Favourites are the pizza, deliciously crisp and thin, with real Parma ham and the one with biltong which are game changers. Their new branch called Forneria Beachfront is a worthy addition to the one in Tableview and the other in Duynefontein. If you really must have meat they also make excellent meat dishes with fillet steak and even a great Italian burger. One of the best Carbonara I have ever had is to be had here, rich with flavour to die for and generous to boot. Choose your pasta or try the home-made ravioli at a small extra charge. The baked lasagne is a show stopper and impossible to eat all of if you have had a starter. The atmosphere here is light and airy and if it’s not too hot sitting on the verandah is a plus. Get there and try it for yourself. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All the good stuff on a crisp base

Parma ham and foccacia heaven

Enough cheese for you??







Heavenly Penne Carbonara