Elegant and relaxed


There are many fancy hotels in CT which appeal to the highflying set who want glitz and glamour. The Cape Grace is not one of those. It is here that Bill Gates and Bill Clinton put their staff when in the city. It’s here that millionaires are used to getting what they want without even asking for it. It is here they can look out of the window in the restaurant and make sure their yachts are still comfortable in the basin.

Cape Grace yacht basin

The Signal restaurant now offers a Taste of the Veld dining experience like no other with a menu inspired  by the indigenous fynbos of the Cape and some well-known local and heroes. Designed for sharing, each dish is a celebration of savoury or sweet veld and flower sensations. They offer diners an adventurous culinary journey through the Cape’s botanical heritage and abundant evocative mountain and ocean landscapes. To enhance your journey with them, they have taken the novel route of grouping the dishes by taste sensations. The result is a deliciously unforgettable adventure in a magnificent setting. Spoil yourself and someone special and get there soon—you will love it.


UMAMI-Beetroot and goat’s cheese–fynbos dressing

SOUR–Prawn laksa-honeybush

SALTY- Tuna loin-coriander

SPICY-Springbok loin biltong spiced

SWEET-Kalahari salted caramel-Amarula ice cream!