The good news is that the Whitley Neill superb range of excellent gins is now being made in in South Africa. This means that, while it is still a premium product, the price of this brilliant gin will not rip your heart out. The other good news is that they are making seven delicious variants right here with some very exotic and typical South African flavours.

Delicious on a summer afternoon in the Cape.

Included are exotics like Protea and Hibiscus, Blood Orange and Lemongrass and Ginger. The range, of course, includes their original gin in its classic black bottle with magnificent juniper flavours proclaiming its heritage. Then there are favourites like Raspberry — totally delicious BlackBerry –and Aloe and Cucumber, inspired as they say, by the raw splendour of the South African Karoo desert.

Use youir imagination!

These flavours are absolutely intriguing and make wonderful cocktails, especially using excellent mixers from Hall and Bramley. Who can resist sitting outside on a magnificent South African afternoon sipping a gin and tonic? — so colonial –so desirable– and so very me—enjoy!