This story starts with the famous Darling butter which two Swedes had started making there in 1899 and which was revered all over the country. Add to it two imaginative young men with a sweet dream and a delicious product much loved in many parts of the world today, some as far away as Australia and New Zealand.


Ten years ago, antique store owner Frits van Ryneveld and his partner, artist and trained chef Hentie van der Merwe, started Darling Sweet in Frits’ shop in the quaint West Coast town of Darling.  They started with two assistants making their irresistible toffees, the first of which was Tannie Evita’s Classic, named for Darling’s most illustrious woman, the legendary Evita Bezuidenhout.

What a happy bunch!

Today Darling Sweet employs 32 full time members of staff and produces toffee products in a large stately Edwardian building that once housed Darling’s General Dealer business.

Hentie and Frits

The product range has also expanded and now includes soft caramels and toffee spreads (popular as cake toppings, dessert fillings or for eating with a spoon straight out of the jar!) alongside the ever-popular toffees, which now come in 10 different flavours, including my favourite, liquorice. They can be found in places all over, right next to Ferrero Rocher, which is where they belong in my estimation. Well done to them—we look forward to the next ten years! Mazel Tov, as we say in Sea Point!