De Krans slice of heaven on earth

When the De Krans team produced the first Premium White Moscato Perlé in South Africa in 2012 they couldn’t have anticipated the popularity this style of wine would achieve with the South African consumer. Following the success of the White Moscato, they continued their innovation when they launched the Premium Red Moscato Perlé in 2017, followed by the Premium Rosé Moscato Perlé in 2021.



This range has proven popular across all demographics, thanks to its consistent quality, delicious fruit flavours, slight fizz, and affordable pricing.   Delicious fruit flavours of muscat, litchi, apricots and hints of honey and exotic spice or the slight fizz and balanced acidity ensure the De Krans Premium White Moscato Perlé has gained a loyal following throughout the years.

The De Krans Premium Red Moscato Perlé has 15% Pinotage added to give it the red colour which changes the fruit profile considerably to flavours of berries, litchi, soft prunes and muscat, with strawberries, blackcurrants and exotic spice on the palate. De Krans Premium Rosé Moscato Perlé has a beautiful, pink blush colour – a result of a touch of Pinotage added to the Muscadel and Hanepoot. This natural sweet wine is packed with fresh tropical fruit, strawberry and candy floss flavours, with exotic spice and muscat aromas and a balanced, fresh acidity.

All at R85 at the cellar