Delightful al fresco lunch

The Muratie Estate in Stellenbosch has a long history which goes right back to the original owner Laurens Campher, a German officer at the Castle, who married the slave girl Ansela Van De Caab, who he loved and brought to Muratie to live. The oak tree she planted to commemorate their union still stands there to this day. Much later the farm belonged to artist George  Canitz whose paintings still adorn the tasting room and Farm Kitchen. His colourful daughter, always called Miss Canitz, reigned there after his death and many a visitor remembers her with affection. The mystique that is Muratie is carefully nurtured by the current owners, the Melck family, who are very conscious of being the custodians of this rich history.

Or cosy inside if you prefer

A delicious platter with great wine

The Farm Kitchen here is one of the most delightful ways to get out of town when the Cape summer has set in. Here Kim Melck makes sure the kitchen turns out some really delicious home comfort food, drawing on Cape cuisine roots. Nothing fussy, always delicious and satisfying, with the fabulous Muratie wines at cellar prices, such a good idea, which many others should emulate.  Try the Cheese and Charcuterie Platter — cold meats, salami, two kinds of ham, Dalewood brie and camembert, with warm just baked farm bread. You might prefer Springbok Carpaccio made right there on the farm, with onion marmalade and parmesan shavings, also served with that irresistible bread. Go on to slow roast lamb shanks with rosemary, which have been in the farm oven all night, falling off the bone, succulently rich, served with creamy mash, caramelized carrots and baby peas. The Wagyu burger is generous and delicious and the slow roast pork belly with horseradish infused potato just heaven. I presume by now you are getting the picture?

Yummy slow roast pork belly

The ambience is like being a guest in someone’s home. The service is warm and friendly and one feels very powerfully the urge to drop out permanently from the hurly burly of life. Get there early and do a wine tasting so you will know what you would like to drink—take some home—fill up the car with their award winning wines. We do.