Yes–it IS wine!

Fits neatly in the fridge.








I was bowled over to receive wine the other day in a flat box. Making a joke I thought “This is the flattest wine I have ever received.” Well it’s no joke. Seems this kind of packaging is making waves in certain parts of the world, Australia notably, as the wine I received is from the fifth biggest winemaker in that country, so serious times are ahead. The bottle is PET plastic completely recycled and recyclable, very environmentally pure. The bottles are light and therefore make a significant difference to the planet and because of their unique shape are much easier to store and to transport.  The bottles are made from pre-existing material, end of life, recycled plastic not single use plastic. This reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in nature and landfills. They also require about 75% less production energy compared to glass and new plastic which also helps reduce their carbon footprint. They are also BPA (bisphenol A) free. This is an industrial chemical often used in making plastic and which can alter the flavours of the wine, so that is also good news. The bottles obviously have screwcaps.

OK enough pontificating. How was the wine?  Well in a word—delicious. The Sauvignon Blanc was full of ripe fresh summer fruit with well controlled acids and the Shiraz smooth and velvety with some characteristic spice. The Shiraz is available in round bottles at the moment at Checkers and very well priced it is too.  The flat wines will be introduced here soon in a partnership between Checkers and Accolade wines. So hold on tight and watch the shape of things to come.