The elegant tasting room at Steenberg

The elegant Elunda Basson at Steenberg











There are many excellent female wine makers in SA to day—a growing talented band. Of these, four stand out, making wines that set benchmarks for other winemakers irrespective of gender .  One of these is Elunda Basson, for many years the maker of one of our most distinguished MCCs called Pongracz when she was the winemaker at J C Le Roux. I interviewed her years ago then and quote “One would expect someone responsible for almost 15 million bottles of the country’s most popular bubblies to be, well, just a little bit full of her own importance, but this just isn’t the case with this charming and attractive blonde.” Well, she hasn’t changed but the place where she is making superb wine has. She has been at the famous Constantia Estate, Steenberg , since 2019 and has now released her first Sauvignon Blanc from there, and what a cracker it is. Beguiling, full of citrus notes, fragrant with summer fruit supported by vibrant acidity, a serious wine with superb mouth feel, and a lingering after taste. I really think it’s at its best as an aperitif, leading one to the right food. The wine is another feather in Elunda’s cap—superb.

Steenberg have also just released their popular barrel fermented Rattlesnake Sauvignon Blanc 2019, quite different to the other SB. Both are in an elegant new livery. Go there, try the wines at their elegant wine tasting space, and eat at one their excellent restaurants, Bistro 1682 or Tryn. You will love it–guaranteed.


The elegant world of Steenberg