Just in time for a belated Spring some delicious rosés are peeking their little heads out of the undergrowth. This fresh delicious new taste for the season will definitely add a little frisson to life


The first rosé from this venerable estate, this one is made of the Malbec and Shiraz grapes at Vergelegen and is named in honour of Lady Florence Philips, one time chatelaine of this historic farm. The wine is a glorious rose gold colour, fragrant in the extreme on the nose and full of the delicious flavours of summer. No shy and retiring damsel this, and perfectly at home with the finer things of life like smoked salmon and a cracker or two. The bottle sports a sprig of the pale pink camellias which have made Vergelegen famous worldwide. Beautiful and appealing.


From faraway Bonnievale comes this cracker of a wine made from –guess what? Bracing and dry with sparkling acids supporting all that fruit, this reminds one of the early Rosés drunk in the South of France in early summer- ah those were the days!  Delicious with sea food and a very light Thai curry—heaven. A Michelangelo Gold winner at R61 a bottle—what a bargain.



This charmer from the West Coast won the very first Allan Mullins Award for Best in Show at the Rosé Rocks competition. The wine is 99% Sauvignon Blanc with a splash of Grenache to give it that rose hue.  Packed with the tangy flavours of strawberries, raspberries and a grape or two, this light wine is just the thing for lazy summer afternoons around the pool.