Sunning myself


There is something so special about people who devote their lives to helping animals.

Who can resist?

Up the West Coast Rd near Melkbos you will find Fallen Angels, an organisation devoted to collecting animals in distress and keeping them for adoption.

Needs a good home

A visit there is very revealing as you will find not only cats and dogs but pigs, goats, a pony or two, masses of chickens, all being taken care of until –until well when?

The cat house

The organisation does not put down animals but relies on public volunteers and donations to keep it going— a noble task indeed. In addition to the more exotic animals already mentioned, if you can call a pig exotic

Inside the cat house

They at the moment have 200 dogs and 17 cats all being taken care of until the magic moment when they are adopted.

Fallen Angels is holding a country market on September the 4th and it promises to be a great day to go and spend some money to help them. Not only that, if you have something you would like to sell or promote, find the e-mail below and arrange to rent a booth.


Look forward to seeing you there. Cheers


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