Unassuming exterior

There’s something about an English pub that is so—well, English. It is inimitable and the English like it that way, and so do we who seek them out all over the world. There is something about the atmosphere that is so relaxing, so unintimidating, slightly worn at the edges, so homely, nothing fancy. This is a place you can get great beer, great football- that is essential— and every now and then– some great food. There are some that are so relaxed that they forget to—or never get round to —bring you the bangers and mash that you have ordered –but those are best given a miss, no matter the atmosphere.

All the things you love


Now Fergies in Tableview is much loved by its clientele–“just perfect” they call it. It’s all the things I have mentioned AND the food is great. Do bear in mind that here all the food is made, as the French say, “ a la minute” so keep that in mind—order another beer and relax.

Very British

The liver and mash is just fabulous but doesn’t photograph well, so take my word for it—as good as anything in the UK. —and better –   -think of the price. The smoked salmon bagel would go down perfectly well in New York City and with a spoon of “caviar” –OK it’s lumpfish—get a life—lashings of salmon, a find of note.

Smoked salmon bagel

Garden fresh salad

Great English breakfast served all day, chip butty (when last did you see one of those in SA?), ploughman’s platter with cheese and meat, toad in the hole, bangers and mash, beef and Guinness pie, Philadelphia cheese steak –sirloin sauteed in Jack Daniels, smothered in cheese—get the picture? All delicious. Sunday roast days need booking so don’t miss out. The restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Very homely and relaxing