If you are thinking of getting out of town for a while—and who isn’t this time of the year?- I can think of very little that will be more fun than heading out to Cosecha on the Noble Hill farm at Paarl where some of the best Mexican food in the country is to be had.

You could be there!

The rolling lawns which are heavily treed gather at the edge of a small lake where ducks cavort. Families love the ambience of being in the country and the delighted kids having fun while their parents take a glass or two of the farm’s delicious wines attest to its popularity.

What a setting!

The name Cosecha means harvest in Spanish and there is an emphasis on ingredients as fresh as they can be. The fabulous guacamole is made at the table in a large pestle with portion sizes and spiciness determined by you and your guests.  Served with warm tortilla crisps, it is superb and one must resist the temptation to overdo things.

Fabulous guacamole


Spicy salsa–and it is!


Order a starter of spicy salsa with hand rolled tortilla chips to dip into it to get those old taste buds tingling. The word tapas is not to be seen anywhere but that is the general idea. We ordered them both and dug in with gusto.

Fish tacos

The fish tacos are made with kingklip in a beer batter and served with cabbage slaw and citrus salsa. The play of flavours and textures is great

Lamb barabacoa

Lamb  barabacoa (don’t ask me!) is slow cooked and roughly pulled lamb leg served in  its sauce on a bed of green rice topped with jalapeno mint salsa and goats’ cheese—irresistible.

Kingklip tacos

The fabulous wines of the estate are available at cellar prices, the service is great, the setting so relaxing so what you waiting for – get there and have fun