Strawberry fields forever

One of the sights on the R44 is the strawberry fields at Mooiberge. The iconic model animals that ring the fields are much loved and make the place stand out magnificently. One can go there and pick your own strawberries but that is far too much for me so we go there to eat and drink while watching others do the work. The restaurant is called The Thirsty Scarecrow and here they serve great food and superb craft beers and ciders. The other day we went there and found the place packed to the brim.


Superb Loxtonia stone fruit cider

Craft beer at its best

Delicious fish tacos


We started with a selection of tapas and finished with their famous deep fried Oreos—no really!!. Talk about unhealthy but oh so decadent.

Wie’s jou chip!


Crispy calamari, man sized chips, delicious fish tacos, but be warned when they say deep fried WHOLE PRAWN they are not kidding—head, shell and all.


Great calamari


Famous deep fried Oreos

A perfect place to unwind with friends and forget about things.