Situated amidst rolling hills and vineyards in the beautiful Robertson Valley, Van Loveren is a family-owned wine farm steeped in tradition and passion. Over the course of three hard-working generations, the Retief family has been cultivating exceptional grapes and crafting exquisite wines that reflect the region’s unique terroir. Today, this includes a brand-new kind of Chardonnay.

A handful of Chardonnay-making family estates between Robertson and Bonnievale have aligned themselves to launch Calcrete, a style of minerally unwooded Chardonnay that defines this amazing region. It is now a registered name protected by trademark that can only be used by approved members of the Calcrete Custodians. Geologically, the term ‘calcrete’ refers to the white deposits of limestone found in the soils in this area.



The character of these rocky, chalky, mineral-rich soils is reflected in the profile of the grapes, while also requiring the vines to work harder to access nutrients. This might sound challenging, but it also encourages the vines to develop deeper roots, which can extract more from the terroir. All of this contributes to the unique characteristics and minerality of Calcrete Chardonnay.



Van Loveren Calcrete Chardonnay is an unwooded, food-friendly wine with elegant minerality.  At first sight, light gleams from the wine, silvery with hints of green-gold, mirroring the beauty of an abalone shell. Take a sip, and you’re greeted by a burst of fresh lime and invigorating sea spray saltiness.

The taste is light and vibrant, beguiling the senses with a wink of salty minerality that brings crushed oyster shells to mind. Clean and refreshing overall, the wine leaves a crisp, elegant finish on your palate. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a lighter-style wine with a minimalist, linear charm.

Fabulous with seafood salad

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Van Loveren Calcrete Chardonnay pairs beautifully with salads, seafood, roast chicken, or grilled pork.

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