Great setting

What can be more delightful for dog lovers than to be able to take their loved ones for a good long walk or run in an area secluded from traffic, and then to be able to sit down in delightful surroundings and indulge in some delicious food? And guess what?  Fido or whatever can also eat there in certain parts of the restaurant which are reserved for canines and their slaves.

I’m talking about the Leadville Dog Park in Sunningdale and this delightful restaurant called Greenhaus which is situated plumb centre of it. Not only is the setting inside the restaurant delightfully roomy with plenty of green all over the place, but the food is surprisingly good, ranging from pizzas to delicious breakfasts and it includes, of course, a doggy menu. Meatballs poached in a roasted bone broth and served on a bed of rice with gravy, called Go Fetch sounds good enough for me to go fetch.


Manners maketh the pooch

Should your little one prefer Woooof, which is poached chicken breast strips on butternut and sweet potato mash with some gravy, don’t let them stop you. For human starters you might choose creamy chicken livers with a hint of chili served on freshly baked herbed flatbreads, totally delicious.


The many pizzas range from classic Regina to one with with slow roasted pulled pork.   They are well known for their curries, chicken, lamb, or beef and even a vegetarian one. (Two for the price of one on Tuesday evenings.)

Bunless burger–deliciously gluten free

The perfect burger for me was the bunless one which is stacked with bacon, oven roasted butternut slices, baked aubergine slices and tomato, totally healthy and gluten free, and surprisingly delicious. Forced it down.

Mediterranean falafel balls

The homemade falafel balls with roast aubergine slices, avocado and a splash of tahini sauce, were scrumptiously Mediterranean.

The wine prices are somewhat hefty with corkage at R75.

All in all a delightful setting to spend a few hours with your canine buddies.

If the canine idea bothers you, the main part of the restaurant is doggy free.

They also have quiz and comedy evenings, some with music—check it out.


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