Our lounge wreath

So another brilliant Christmas has come and gone– a time of great blessings with family and friends and people that really matter. This year in particular the table was groaning with the most magnificent array of goodies. We only had four very special guests, but they gasped on first setting eyes on this magnificent display before them. Well, that’s part of the exercise, isn’t it?  No gasp and you wonder what you did wrong.

The centerpiece was a superb chicken terrine wrapped in Palma ham and an equally magnificent potato and pea terrine.  A nod to the traditional was a magnificent glazed homemade gammon, rich and satisfying, having been cooked in ginger beer. Surrounding these were dozens of skewers with artichoke hearts, cheese, salami, peppers, and pickles. The dessert was a superb meringue roulade filled with lemon curd and topped with crispy slivered almonds. Of course, it would not have been Christmas without steamed Christmas pudding which  was wolfed down, believe it or not.

PLEASE NOTE Once again I have placed the recipes for the two main dishes on a separate post called Christmas Recipes