With fondant potatoes and peas

With tzatziki and hummus










You are going to love this recipe—all you need is TIME and patience. Totally uncomplicated, deliciously satisfying—the smells throughout the house are so fabulous you just want to dig in at some point—don’t! Wait—it is worth it. Though the result is dark skinned meat, remember it is pork and has a definite sweet edge.  This goes perfectly with a superb Chardonnay like Bouchard Finlayson 2018 Missionvale, one of the best SA can offer so why not? Or try Boland Chenin, a gorgeous counterpoint to the richness. We made it twice and served it the first time with fondant potatoes (recipe next week) and peas, and the second time Mediterranean style with homemade tzatziki and homemade hummus—also recipes next week. Enjoy!!

Ginger Soft Pork


1,4 kg Pork Roast or Belly

1l ginger beer (commercial cooldrink) – use chicken stock if you want something less sweet

500ml chicken stock

2 tbsp grated fresh Ginger – more if you like it hot

1 tbsp chopped or crushed Garlic

2 chopped Chillies – remove the seeds first

2 Bay Leaves

5 Cloves

10 Blackpepper corns

1 tbsp Origano

1 tbsp Sage


Preheat over to 160C

Place pork on a baking dish for the oven and cover with all the ingredients the liquid should cover the pork. Cook COVERED in the oven for 3 ½ hours, check and add a further 500ml chicken stock and cook for a further 3 hours uncovered – this can be increased to 4-5 hours to get crackling.

Rest 10min before serving.

Goes well with rice, mash and something fresh – tomato salad or pickles.