Beautiful Robertson Valley

Isn’t it nice to know that not only can life get better but it can be simpler? Those clever people at FATbastard have just released an even friendlier version of their award winning Chardonnay with the cheeky little hippo emblazoned on the box. It is EXACTLY the same wine as in the bottle but EASIER> It certainly tastes the same and goes down a treat. Some of the good reasons to get it are

More wine equals more value.

  • This one I love –It fits snugly in the fridge door making for convenient chilling..
  • It keeps fresh for longer, 4 weeks in the fridge.Never last 4 hours in our fridge–only 2 litres!!
  • Sleek and chic, easy to pack and to carry, and unbreakable, it makes for an ideal companion for alfresco enjoyment.OK
  • Convenience without quality compromise. The same wine as the 750ml glass bottle is guaranteed.Very important.
  • This is Mr. b. He’s gold, he’s grand and he lives life at the big end of large!


  •  It is not only delicious: rich and round, fruit driven and food friendly, it is also extremely well priced.Packed with expressive tropical fruit aromas and captivating notes with rich buttery nuances and undertones of vanilla. It has a soft texture on your palate, followed by a fruity intensity.The FAT bastard 2-litre Slimline Chardonnay is widely available nationally, retailing at around R150-R170.Website: