Pink Gin cocktail at its best

Is there anything that Jan Hendrik Van der Westhuizen cannot do? One of the few people to make me jealous is the multi-talented Jan Hendrik. The fact that he is SA’s first, and at this stage, only Michelin starred chef definitely gives him an edge, if you know what I mean? Not only can he cook brilliantly, write brilliantly, and photograph brilliantly, but he has managed to parlay his heritage into an international career on the Cote D’Azure –nog.

Elegance in a bottle

But when it comes to heritage, there is something he and I agree on totally, and that is that pink gin will carry the day –especially for us old colonials. Long thought of as the drink to have as we watched the sun set on the empire, today gin –and especially pink gin– is very much en vogue. Nobody knows that better than Simone Musgrave who has managed, effortlessly it seems, to place her product right up there with famous names like Gordons and Bombay.  Come this Heritage Day don’t let the side down — treat yourself to a fantastic pink gym cocktail. I know I will be having at least one,  and more than likely so will Jan Hendrik as Musgraves Pink Gin features on the menu at his restaurant in Nice.

To find out what it is that atttracts Jan Hendrik to Musgraves Pink Gin read on


Jan Hendrik on the cover of his Journal


Q&A with Jan Hendrik –


Tell us about how you came to know about Musgrave?

I was served the Musgrave Rose Pink Gin at an awards event, and I was so impressed. Before Musgrave, I avoided any pink gins – they are usually too sweet and overpowering, but the Musgrave Pink Gin is so balanced and refreshing, so I had to try the original too. Its since been my go-to gin.


What is it about gin that you enjoy so much?

I enjoy the freshness combined with the bitter notes. Its an easy-drinking, refreshing drink, to which you can easily add flavours, its so versatile. Sometimes a slice of cucumber is the perfect addition for a hot summer afternoon,  and other times a slice of dried orange and rosemary. The flavours additions are endless!


Why have you included Musgrave in your restaurant and how/where?

Its a South African favourite, its an iconic South African gin and some of the best on the market. I am also passionate about supporting small-bussines owners, and we are proud to have Musgrave on our menu.


Could you possibly offer me any gin and food /recipe pairing options? Or just say what you enjoy eating/pairing with say the original and the rose pink?

For the original gin, I find it works well with fresh dishes with gingery undertones, or even curries. The spice in the gin really compliments other spicy dishes. Its also great with salads and something like spicy prawns.

When it comes to the rose pink gin, dessert is definitely the way to go, or anything with red fruits. Think a berry and pomegranate pavlova or a plum tart.


What can customers except to enjoy when they visit your restaurant this upcoming season? 

They can expect a multi sensory experience, with notes of South African flavours and heritage combined with European ingredients and techniques. The cheese room is also a very special additional; taking guests on a journey with exquisite French cheeses served with rustic South African mosbolletjies.


Jan Hendrik’s restaurant in Nice