Beautiful Calitzdorp

In My Fair Lady, Colonel Pickering says to Henry Higgins “It is positively indecent at a time like this that you do not need a glass of Port. “ My sentiments exactly.

There is an old Portuguese saying—all wine would be Port if it could

Uber talented winemaker Margaux Nel


Those clever Boplaas wine makers, the family Nel of Calitzdorp, have released some new vintages of their superb award winning wines. Of course they are not allowed (as are none of the SA producers) to use the hallowed name of Port on their labels. This is because of an agreement between us and the EU which was supposed to result in some serious financial benefits flowing into our country, and which so far have not been forthcoming. Nevertheless, the Port wines that Boplaas make are stupendous in every way. No wonder the Portuguese are nervous. The Port that dare not speak its name is available in seven different forms at their cellar, ranging from an unbelievably delicious Cape Tawny, through a Cape Vintage, Cape Ruby, Cape Vintage Reserve, Cape Pink, to my favourite the Cape White. They are all delicious, with fragrances of crushed tangy sultanas assailing the nostrils, some dried peach nuances and notes of almonds—irresistible, especially when cooled down for a while in the fridge.

The Portuguese varietals normally used in Port like Tinta Barocca, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesca, and Souzao, which thrive in the Douro Valley just love the similar conditions in Calitzdorp and are used in Portuguese style blends and single varietal wines that Boplaas make.  The flavours are bold and just the thing for a braai. If you are looking for elegance and longevity try the Cabernet Sauvignon and be happy—these are wines for the “manne.” Just in case that was not enough, Boplaas also make fabulous gins, brandy and even superb whisky