The idyllic setting of Journey’s End




Journey’s End Vineyards, the boutique estate situated on the mountain slopes above Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in the Helderberg basin, has been awarded WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Conservation Champion Status, a prestigious accreditation bestowed upon environmental leaders in the Cape Winelands.

In exchange for their commitment to nature and adhering to WWF’s high standards, the Conservation Champions can use the distinctive fynbos-loving sugarbird and iconic protea logo on their wine bottles. This logo serves to demonstrate their dedication to conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest yet richest plant kingdom on earth which boasts an astounding biodiversity of animal and plant life, and to guide environmentally concerned consumers in their purchases.

Rollo Gabb, managing director of Journey’s End enthuses, We love the area’s wildlife, birdlife and nature and have set aside 22 hectares of land to conserve and re-introduce indigenous wildlife and plant life species, most notably the critically endangered Swartland Shale Renosterveld and vulnerable Boland Granite Fynbos.”


Resident Spotted Eagle Owl

Journey’s End has over 40 beehives on the farm

“We plant lupins (a natural nitrogen fixer) and wheat between the rows of vines to prevent weeds (and thus the need for chemical spraying), prevent topsoil erosion and improve the soil’s health. The introduction of Egyptian Geese (to control snail populations) and Spotted Eagle Owls (to control rodents) and the use of natural pesticides all play their part .Bees are an essential part of the pollination of our vines. There are 40 hives around the vineyards that house our little bee army which is so vital to the production of our grapes. Owl boxes on the farm provide rest for our resident Eagle Owls.”




Solar panels on the roof of the Journey’s End cellar


“We are also extremely vigilant and innovative when it comes to water conservation and supply to keep us self-sufficient and were the 2nd wine producer in South Africa to convert to solar energy in 2014.”


Rollo Gabb

“Making a positive impact on the environment and on the well-being of our community is at the centre of our beliefs.  In August 2020, we launched the Journey’s End Foundation community project to tackle hunger and extreme poverty in the Helderberg Region through a network of soup kitchens – largely as a result of Covid-19.”



Elsie’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass

Since its launch, the Journey’s End Foundation has been providing over 14,000 meals per week (exceeding its initial target of 10,000 weekly meals) to the surrounding community. This extraordinary commitment led to Journey’s End being awarded ‘Ethical Company of the Year’ at The Drinks Business Green Awards 2020. To date, Journey’s End Foundation has funded and provided over 250,000 meals to the local community.



 “We will continue our focus on benefitting our surroundings environmentally, socially and ethically to ensure that we leave a legacy for generations to come,” concludes Rollo.

 Journey’s End Vineyards, Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Somerset West 7130

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