The term “legend” is so often bandied about that one looks at it with a jaundiced eye—especially those of us who have “been around.” I have met a few in my time, household names and in the wine industry there are those it fits like a glove. One of these has to be the irrepressible Ken Forrester. The energy that emanates from this man is palpable but never overpowering. He is erudite and never talks down to his audience making things understandable even to those who are shall we say not technically inclined. At a recent launch of his legendary red blend The Gypsy 2015 vintage his passion for the Grenache grape was so evident we could not wait to get our hands on some of it. A superb blend of 63% Grenache, 25% Syrah and 12% Mourvedre, it displays its Gypsy character in being just a little wild, a wine that doesn’t obey the rules, intense and dark, yet beguilingly seductive, a cracker of a wine. Much awarded both here and across the water it is a must have in any red wine cellar.

We were treated to a French themed lunch at Ken’s 96 Winery Road, which I am pleased to report is still fabulous—after all these years! Steak tartare, cassoulet and Crème brûlée to die for as we say in Sea Point.

Fabulous Steak Tartare

Cassoulet a la Forrester


While on the subject of iconic wines, Ken’s FMC , one of the finest Chenins you will taste anywhere in the world—even at NY’s Grand Central Station’s Oyster Bar—is not to be missed. So get there and try them for yourself.