The cellar

The Durbanville Wine Route is one of the smallest in Cape Town and one of the most delightful, mainly because it is not overwhelming. Quite close to the city, the area specialises in Sauvignon Blanc but many other great wines are to be had there. One of the places I never get tired of going to is called Klein Roosboom.  Here the de Villiers family have created what has become a wildly popular, even though still well hidden, treasure. The cognoscenti flock to it and the new restaurant which is named after Karin  de Villiers’ late husband Jean is packing them in.

How cosy is that?

Nevertheless one of the most delightful and totally unusual ways to enjoy it is to book one of the tiny rooms which used to be wine Cellars.

Your own private space

These have been made into charming little nooks in which to taste some great wine and eat some excellent food and need to be booked well in advance. I, however, prefer outside or, if the weather is not good, in the long room of the cellar itself.

In the cellar

Outside one is surrounded by the magic of the farm and can do a wine tasting to suit yourself.  Order some wine and a charcuterie platter which could be meat only or cheese only or a mixture of the two.


The service is what really makes it very personal, very knowledgeable, and friendly, never wavering. Look for it on a little bend in the Durbanville Wine Route road that leads up from the coast— you will not be disappointed.

Get into that meat


The one charcuterie platter is called “Twee Buffels Met Een Skoot Morsdood Geskiet Fontein” —“Two Buffalo Shot Stone Dead With One Shot Fountain” —It’s a South African Thing –go figure!