The Supreme Champion!!

So nice to see the words” Supreme Champion” next to a SA cider in the International Cider Challenge in London which is now in its 11th year and attracts entries from all over the world. Sweeping the board, Alexandra Blush Méthode Traditionelle, Loxtonia’s first bottle fermented  cider, was named Supreme Champion for 2021 and won the Rosé Trophy as the best cider made in a rosé style at this prestigious London based competition. The pink-hued Méthode Traditionelle Cider is made slowly in the traditional French method of a fine Champagne and owes its complexity to bottle ageing for 15 months on the lees.  This superb cider will be available in Spring here and I for one cannot wait to taste it.

Larry Whitfield and daughter Ali

The Whitfield family have been making a wide range of ciders from ‘orchard to bottle’ on their Loxtonia farm in Ceres since 2013 using only home-grown, 100% freshly pressed and naturally fermented apples.


In the meantime Loxtonia have a range of the most delicious ciders you will ever drink including a non-alcoholic one called Easy Apple—isn’t that cute? If you can imagine walking through the Garden of Eden in the cool of the morning breathing in the fragrance of crushed apples with that beguiling mix of tart and tangy, of sweet and seductive, these are for you. And no!  I do not get paid to write this sort of thing—I have tried them and they are GORGEOUS!

Loxtonia Easy Apple

The idea to create a Méthode Traditionelle Cider in a classic sparkling wine bottle, is the brain child of Loxtonia founder and chief cider maker, Larry Whitfield, who undertook this top secret mission in anticipation of his daughter, Alexandra’s wedding earlier this year.


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