I never thought I would be writing about wine that was alcohol free but desperate times call for desperate measures and things are getting pretty desperate out there right now.

Moving right along —there are various versions available at select supermarkets  like Spar so search them out or go to the websites of the farms themselves for further info. Do NOT think of adding cough mixture or paint thinners to beef them up—leave that sort of thing to POTUS—look it up.

One of the latest to be released is from De Krans—their Muscat Nectar Alcohol Free Sparkling—a fizzy cracker of a sweet charmer which is great served ice cold and bubbling with energy. At R58 it will not break the bank. If you have some very precious brandy (or vodka) at hand pop a shot into the fizz and you are back on the Riviera. We used to drink bubbly with a shot of brandy and the real thing was a favourite of stars like Ava Gardner who was known to be quite effervescent after a few of these.  Then there is the favourite of the Ab Fab girls—Stoli and Bolli, babe— which turns out to be Stolichnaya Vodka and Bollinger’s Champagne—which has the kick of ten mules and makes your ears go numb in no time. Improvise—get it??

Then there is the Almost Zero range from Van Loveren which has a delicious Rosé, a Radiant Red blend, and a Wonderful White to move it all along. They retail at recommended price of R70 at supermarkets like Spar, Checkers, Makro and Pick n Pay. If you have problems getting into the swing of things try their websites or let me know. Cheers!!

Van Loveren at Robertson
De Krans in Calitzdorp