Superb meze

Who would have thought to find an almost perfect Greek restaurant on the way to Yzerfontein on the West Coast ? It’s true there’s no bouzouki music, and we are informed as we arrive that there are no kalemeras– those are in Cape Town –but it is the ambience and the food that make it. In a verdant green garden –actually a nursery– sitting under the awnings, one could so easily be somewhere in Greece.

Wonderfully tranquil


There is a sign on the wall which says Complaints Office with an arrow pointing 320 kilometres to the West, but we had absolutely no complaints, so this was superfluous, though funny. The place is run by two savvy ladies –Calli (from Limnos) and Leoni –Calli cooks and Leoni takes care of front of house. They have both spent years in Greece and are more than au fait with how the whole thing works superbly. Very recently opened, –December, –That Greek Place is already bringing in people all reacting to positive feedback on social media.


The food is delicious, with Meze featuring superb calamari, one of the best Skordalias( Mashed potato with garlic and olive oil) that I have ever eaten, Melitzanosalata (  baked aubergine mash), excellent Tzatziki and homemade pita bread to go with it all.


The delicious meatballs (kefthedes) came straight from a real Greek kitchen– right there. Finish off with excellent homemade bakalava drenched in local honey—heaven.


The service is smooth and friendly and the wine list well priced, if a little on the slim side, so get yourself there and enjoy it. The interior looks great for winter or when things get colder or when the wind starts to pump as it does up there.

I for one cannot wait.