Tranquil private gardens


If you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in beautiful Cape Town, and who isn’t at some stage of their lucky lives? — and if you prefer to get away from the busy Waterfront and the city itself, then superb Ellerman House is just made for you.

Above the hoi polloi

High up on the slopes of Table Mountain at Bantry Bay, which is blessedly free of the fierce winds which often plague the city, Elllerman House is perfectly poised to spoil the sophisticated well-heeled traveller, something which it has been doing for many decades now.


Superb service

Celebrities who have stayed here include Tom Cruise and Rafael Nadal, but the rest of the list is a well-kept secret as Ellerman House is dedicated to keeping things private for celebrities. The suites are superb and classic in design, very colonial, and hearken back to the recent past and a gentler time.

The unique cellar

There is a brilliant collection of art if you want to browse a bit, the cuisine is superb and only open to guests of the establishment and no one else.


Something sweet with a world class brandy

The collection of wines in this famous winemaking area of the world is  magnificent, but the thing that really makes it is the service, expert, sleek, discreet and professional, something you really need when you have come all this way to let your hair down.


Felt quite at home!


Get your agent to look at it, have a look at the accommodation, and see what I mean. Go ahead, spoil yourself— life is short –eat the cake!


In the cellar