The famous goat tower with the goat sky walk behind

The tranquil koi pond











Capetonians are out and about in droves, especially as we have had some delightful early summer days. Winter has not quite loosed its grip and Mother Nature reminded us forcefully that she is still in charge with a small tremor or two. The arums are all over the place even though they do seem to be getting smaller and the land everywhere is carpeted with beautiful white and yellow daisies.

A visit to Fairview in Paarl paid off handsomely. Here the goats still walk up and down their tower and over the goat sky walk into the kids’ pen—that is goat kids, not yours. Peacocks strut around and will reveal themselves if you are lucky, and the koi pond is stocked with large and lazy, magnificently coloured specimens. The cheeses are fabulous and we bought the new one they call Chevin Roue, a masterpiece of oozing deliciousness made with goat and cows’ milk, heaven.  The wines are delicious and well-priced at the table in the Goatshed restaurant, many available at as little as R40 a glass. We settled on the duck liver pâté with superb onion marmalade, a cheese platter with 5 kinds of cheese and the most interesting breads and crackers which have never seen the inside of Woolworths.  To go with it a bottle of Charles Back—such a clever man—MCC bubbly with a never ending bead, delicious.   We shared a succulent lamb curry and took home the remnants of the platters for later. A delicious experience which proves why they have been drawing people all these years—quality does not let you down—ever.



Cheese platter and silky smooth duck liver pate

Succulent lamb curry–delicious

Charles Back MCC