In the beer tent having fun

Relaxing in style on the terrace

The interior when you don’t feel outdoorsy

What more could one want? A perfect early summer day, excellent wine from Winemaker Arno Smith (assisted by his little dog Saartjie—famous in her own right), gorgeous olives from the farm, hearty farm style food, and now—to top it all—BEER! No wonder people are flocking here. The feeling of release from months of down time is palpable.  The beer tent is buzzing with lovers of Havoc and other artisanal beers, while the wine lovers adopt a more casual, time honoured posture. Breakfasts are very popular, with things like chunky French toast with cheese and bacon or curried mince with poached eggs—now there’s a thought!  — are to be found, even health conscious things like delicious berry smoothies if you really must. At lunch the famous Chicken pie is a delight, as are seven pizzas, one with apple smoked country ham. Very popular are the man sized burgers, with all the trimmings, fish and chips and calamari goujons with Asian slaw. The superb malva pudding is not to be missed.. If none of that gets your attention order one of the generous platters to go with your wine or beer, one with cheeses and the other with various meat additions. Either way you will not go hungry. This is a real treat and just the place to be when you want to look down to the distant Atlantic from whence come the cool breezes that make the grapes for wine just perfect. Early dinner is served on Fridays and Saturdays.