Home was never like this!

Normally I am loathe to do so called chain restaurants but every now and then one comes along that is SO good that one cannot ignore it. Not only is it true that every rule is made to be broken but the older I get, the truer that is. This week it is The Hussar Grill Willowbridge, where we had the most fabulous meal at Sunday lunch with a friend—no it’s not Beryl Ormsby Browne!

The interior, like all of theirs, is very clubby with wood and mirrors, and some leather, but this one has a great view across the quarry. When the weather is right, it is great to sit outside and soak it all up

Marrow bones and chicken livers

Fabulous stuffed mushroom

We started with Chicken livers in cream sauce, roast marrow bones and stuffed mushrooms, all totally delicious especially the chicken livers. Like all the Hussars, there is no corkage so we took our own, a bottle of fabulous Boplaas Tinta Barocca, perfect for these dishes.

Flaming Chateaubriand

A match made in heaven

We then went on to fabulously flamed Chateaubriand, Carpetbagger Fillet and Hollandse Biefstuk, served with the most delicious chips and gratinated sweet corn topped with grilled cheese. The meat was superb and the sauces were heaven, done to perfection. The Chateaubriand was flambéed at the table adding some flair to the occasion. The sauces had just enough alcohol to make them significant.

Irresistible cheesecake

We HAD to try the famous cheese cake which lived up to its reputation and spent almost 3 hours there which passed in a flash. Service is expert, always there without hovering all over you. I have reviewed this place before for other publications and am delighted it continues on the right path. Try it—you will love it—no wonder the place was almost full.