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Triggerfish Brewery has a carefully cultivated look of semi dereliction which their customers just LOVE.  Going there is like drinking some great beers on the set of a Mad Max movie, with futuristic bikes, wrecked plane propellers and an air of neglect. BUT do not be fooled, the beers are exceptional, ranging from deep dark sweet Stouts to light lagers, with catchy names like Black Marlin and Red Roman

The menu ranges from delicious nachos, generous burgers, to tasty platters with tomato chutney, the best olives for miles around and a plate of chips and dips to die for. To crown it all, they have some wines but you might do better to take your own at R30 corkage. To go with its slight air of mystery, of a secret well hidden, it is a bit complicated getting there so make a booking and make sure you know where you are going—you will love it.

Tasty olive platter

Spicy nachos

Will never fly again

Famous hamburgers

The key to great music


PHONE 021 851 5861