The cook book for champions!Note the price!

One of my favourite cooks is Phillippa Cheifitz and one of my favourite—and much used –cook books is her 1986 treasure The Cosmopolitan Cookbook.  I have other books of hers, including the wonderful Seasons but the 1986 opus is a standout. I have had the pleasure of meeting her on many occasions and she is a delight to talk to. Her style of cooking is simple, easy to follow, and provided you have some knowledge of the rudiments of cooking, a delight to use. This week I was longing for chocolate so out came the book and I turned instantly to page 94—you see I even know how to find it—to the easiest chocolate mousse recipe I have ever come across. I decided to make a white one and a dark one and to marble them, something I have often done. The results weren’t as spectacular looking but they tasted superb and the texture was heaven.

Ready to go

Ready to marble


80 gms white chocolate broken into squares

8o gms dark—use 79% so not too sweet-chocolate as above

4 eggs separated

2 cups cream


Heaven in a bowl


Melt the chocolate separately of course

Allow to cool to room temperature. Be careful it doesn’t start to set again.

Separate the eggs

Lightly beat the yolks

Add half to each chocolate mix

Beat the whites till soft peaks.

Add tablespoon castor sugar if you like it sweet.

Fold into the main mix.

Beat the cream till soft peaks and fold into the mix.

Either pour into individual glasses or large bowl and refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours.

Serve with a splash of liquor like Cointreau—superb.

Makes fabulous ice cream as well!!!!



From the book–mousse top right very much like mine!