Every now and then one just has to go to town. I mean Cape Town city. And where to eat? Indeed, otherwise go hungry? Absolutely not. A recent trip to town involved lunch with old friend Neil Pendock at his favourite haunt Pilcrow and Cleaver on Church Square. A revisit there was a delight with Chef Judi in attendance, making magic.

I can still smell them!

We HAD to have the Argentinian prawns—just had to. They came to the table adorned with the most delicious sauce –slightly piquant, slightly spicy, slightly sweet –and ever so slightly messy –but so worth the effort. It was like a trip down memory lane to long before one became fastidious and too fussy for your own good. The prawns were perfectly done and couldn’t wait to get out of the shells and into our mouths. Little pieces of scorched chorizo helped it all along as did the crunchy corn scattered over it—irresistible.

Who can resist that?

We finished up with a wedge of the creamiest  Camembert from the Nels at Dalewood in Paarl with a side of grapes cured in sweet wine—absolute heaven—.

This is an experience worth repeating—again and again. Try it and see for yourself.

3.2 Piazza  –Parliament St– phone 072 897 3213