Truth Coffee in Buitenkant Street has long been THE place to go for the very best coffee in Cape Town and some superb baking. With the onset of the winter season, they have upped the ante and now serve superb real food Tuesdays to Saturdays which they call PlayDate. Under the brilliant hands of Chef Sush, the kitchen is turning out one fabulous dish after the other.

Smoked salmon croissant

If you want to start off with something light and easy going, try the smoked salmon on one of the superb croissants made right there, or the magnificent French onion soup slathered with rich Gruyere.

Nicoise salad with seared tuna

If you feel like something more substantial, but still superbly continental try her take on Salat Niçoise, awash in a magnificent sauce to make all the people in Nice green with envy. Go the whole hog and have it topped with probably some of the very best seared tuna that I have had in a very long time. The dish is quite generous and will easily serve two as a satisfying starter.


Curried Ox Tail

What I had really come for was the dish I had heard about from so many people, the curried oxtail.  A rather weird notion, but absolutely delicious, multilayered with nuances of herbs and spices, rich and satisfying, served with papadums and rice, an absolute knockout. The tiny pot comes cooking on hot coals so be aware.


Magnificent Tomahawk steak

Having said that, the spectacular tomahawk steak, well priced, considering what this dish commands in many other restaurants in this town, was mind blowing. It was the most superb meat, perfectly done. When you say medium rare, that is exactly what you get, accompanied by a quirky mealie scorched on the flame and served slathered in chimichurri butter, heaven.


Very different!

The wine list has something for most tastes all carefully curated, and the service is attentive beyond all the telling of it. The atmosphere is abuzz with the cognoscenti making themselves thoroughly at home. There is a small Parkade just across the road—perfect—enjoy.