The beautiful Robertson Valley



A well-known SA wine writer recently published a piece referring to “the stigma attached to the Robertson Valley” which totally floored me. Am I missing something here? Robertson has some of the finest wine makers in the country. Think of places like De Wetshof , Weltevrede, Springfield, and Graham Beck and many others, all of them  making fabulous Chardonnays  and Cap Classique wines much sought after all over the world.

Robertson Chardonnay especially has a distinctive character. Consider.




From the estate known worldwide for its Chardonnays and the home of the biannual Chardonnay  Expo that attracts visitors from all over the world.  Beautifully oaked in French barrels made to the most exacting standards of the estate, plenty of citrus flavours with a pronounced nuttiness—heaven. A great place setting its seal on the valley, gracious and inviting.



Not to everyone’s taste but oh so different with a distinctive crystalline minerality, a taste of wet stone and almost maritime sea spray, saline palate and oyster shell minerality.  Bright, vibrant and limey. Revitalising, cool sensation on the palate, a mouth-watering tension, steeliness, the taste of gunflint, and lime. Pure and brilliant minerality. An irresistible invitation to take another sip especially with oysters.


This is a lightly oaked, but fruity Chardonnay. The nose shows ripe citrus with a touch of toasted oak. The palate is rich and creamy with a good balance between fruit, oak, and acidity – finishing with a lingering aftertaste. Fabulous with grilled fish or chicken or any other seafood or poultry dishes.



Very young with lots of stone fruit characteristics, has good aging potential. Wooded for 9 months with its buttery taste will work wonderfully with grilled fish, including shellfish, chicken with creamy sauces and grilled corn on the cob with lots of butter. 9 months oaking.


Delicate pink colour, Chardonnay with a splash of Pinot Nolr to give some colour giving support to all that Chardonnay freshness. Plenty of red berries with a crisp citrussy end, Delicious.  Unoaked


Fresh and delicious. Easy drinking packed with fresh summer fruit flavours which immediately transport you to the valley. Unoaked




Mr Beck’s horse interests first led him to Robertson with its limestone rich soil making the best grass for the horse bones. This led to the establishment of wine farming in which those same soils play a prominent role on the fruit. This magnificent Cap Classique wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir made by that master of the style, Pieter Ferreira, affectionately known as “Bubbles.” It is only made in exceptional years and in very limited quantities. Spectacular and the finest we can produce, it has a significant price and is a fabulous gift for someone really special.

De Wetshof