Unwind in style


In the “old “ days The Strand was a sleepy little town packed with lucky retirees who were only too happy to find a burger chain or steak house at which to eat. Today the scene is very different. Oh yes, there are still retirees but they are from all over the world and many of those with comfortable bank balances from our own country. The eating scene has responded accordingly but there are still not any haute places here as the locals love the laid back vibe that is theirs—and besides they have nothing to prove, do they?

Perfect fish

One of the places which is very popular and deservedly so is De Brasserie, which belongs to the family that own the Almenkerk wine set up in Elgin. They are Belgians so expect leanings in that direction like excellent mussel dishes with garlic,, cream, and white wine or with the quirky accents of lemongrass, ginger, coconut, chilli either as a starter or for a main course option.


Superb steak tartare

The steak tartare as a starter comes already mixed or you can go for a main course size which you mix yourself.

Traditional nasi goreng


Other mains are excellent nasi goreng traditionally served with an egg on top, very good steaks done in many ways, calamari, fish of the day and a Bistro menu with light plates to share.

Grilled calamari and chips

Desserts of substantial Dutch apple tart with cream and ice cream and the heavenly light chocolate mousse will keep any sweet tooth happy. Do not go without ordering a grappa and coffee which comes with a limoncello shot with cream ,—what a great idea.

Great finale with limoncello and grappa


And while you are there skip to the loo and see what an imagination can do to the proverbial “john.”


All in all a great place to hang out—locals will sit inside in air conditioned comfort and visitors will bask kerbside overlooking the famous beach.

DE BRASSERIE 021 853 3833