Happy Dad’s Day to all the dads, the not-yet dads, the stepdads, the moms who are dad, the adoptive dads, the granddads, the fur dads, and the dads who are no longer with us. Bruce Jack specialises in making little bottles of JOY, believing that wine crafted with love adds JOY to the world.



Tasting note:

Bold, plush and smooth, the Daily Brew Pinotage is packed with ripe juicy plums and cherries accompanied by enticing notes of freshly brewed coffee and hints of chocolate. Vibrant, luscious, balanced and moreish, this wine is perfect for Dad!



Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage also happens to be a social butterfly, pairing perfectly with almost any food you can think of. Being truly South African, it is your best buddy at a braai. It is also delicious with Bobotie, Thai dishes, ratatouille, curry, game fish or a hearty bean soup. And if you’re feeling a bit daring, step outside the box and try it with sushi or sashimi.


And to top it all, Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage is exceptionally well priced. It is part of the Bruce Jack Lifestyle Range which strives for unbeatable value by expertly blending grapes from diverse vineyards with distinct climates and soils, crafting deliciously balanced and complex, yummy wines.


Pop into your local Spar or Tops at Spar to get your bottle of Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage