A recent visit to Paarl led to us waking up in the morning, as so often happens in the country, with a raging appetite. So off we went to Laborie, probably one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa, well certainly in Paarl.

Ah the country air

Here you will find two restaurants, the one leaning more towards the Italian side, and the other, which is called Stoep, a delightful space with large windows opening onto the vineyards, and a special play area for the kids.

Kids love it

Well, it was breakfast so we ordered classic eggs Benedict with poached eggs, toasted roosterkoek and hollandaise sauce, and another with apricot glazed gammon. We certainly did not expect these perfect –and I mean perfect –poached eggs so deep in the country but there you have it –they were fabulous.

Perfect eggs Benedict with gammon

Going to the table next to us was something called Stoep Brekkie which is two eggs, apricot glazed gammon, beef sausage, roasted tomato, spinach, mushroom, and wood fired ciabatta. Well, even for me that is a bit of a stretch in the morning. However, the shakshuka, that delicious North African take on eggs, with tomato, red Peppers and local chorizo almost won. The roosterkoek on the eggs Benedict took a little bit of getting used to but were a delicious South African touch: the gammon was superb. Next time I’m going to have the one with smoked trout.


Eggs Benedict with smoked trout

Lunch brings on things like small plates with lamb koftas, baby marrow and halloumi fritters, and lemon labneh. There’s also crispy spiced calamari with chickpea and feta salad and a local chorizo relish. The winner, despite all of this, would be the superb melktert served in the country manner with ice cream.

Yummy melktert

So do get yourselves there and see what I’m talking about. I believe they are open in the evenings too so that is something to think about if you are staying over— enjoy.

Great lunch dishes