Spectacular view

The Durbanville Hills Wine Route is close to the city and the home of some superb Sauvignon Blanc wines. One of the best and most spectacularly placed estates there is De Grendel.

Your cosy corner

Here you can taste their magnificent wines in the most comfortable tasting areas with easy chairs and presenters who not only know their subject brilliantly, but are experts at guiding you through what the estate has to offer.

Classy comfort

The outstanding wines of Charles Hopkins, who has been there for many, many years, reveal an interesting palette.  Here you will find something to please anybody, from spectacular top tier wines like the Sir David Graff at R1700, through two brilliant and high-priced Shiraz wines, one called Elim and one called Op Die Berg. There are also superb Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Pinotages to be had.

One of my favourites is their Cap Classique Brut, a superb melange of flavours, fresh and clean on the palate, but see my post under Wine of the Week for something superb I retasted there with some guests recently.

It is worth going there just for the views alone but do not be sidetracked. The restaurant is also superb and will more than delight you,so do give it a try.