Perdeberg tasting room

Chenin Blanc (also called Steen in SA) is the Madonna of the wine industry, continually proving that it can be all things to all people, and reinventing itself at the snap of a finger.

Almost 19% of South Africa’s vineyards is planted with Chenin Blanc vines, making it the biggest varietal by tonnage. The Loire Valley in France, traditionally the home of Chenin production, does not produce as much. A lot of this juice is distilled and lands up as brandy, but the rest is turned into some truly delicious wines.

Albertus Louw


Winemaker Albertus Louw has been turning out some spectacular examples at Perdeberg in the Paarl area.

Superb Endura perfectly wooded

From fruity, almost crisp, unwooded charmers, with low acids that won’t strip the palate off you, to wooded, smoky wines with tangy honeyed nuances, to succulent raisiny Late Harvest delights packed with sultana flavours, his Chenin delivers on all fronts. There is even a delicious bubbly to be had.  All of them are better served cold, but don’t freeze the life out of them; take them out of the fridge 20 minutes before you are going to drink them. They include a spectacualr fortified version that you will love.  These are wines to be drunk sooner rather than later, which is something I find very appealing in a wine.


Magnificent Fortitude


The Dry Land Collection Fortitude Fortified Chenin Blanc 2021 appeals to enthusiasts who understand and appreciate natural winemaking processes and will enjoy sharing these expressions with others at elegant dinners and special occasions. Cellarmaster Albertus Louw describes this new addition as displaying a deep gold colour with aromas of dried apricots, ripe yellow fruit and nuances of peach. On the palate flavours of litchi, candied citrus and undertones of honeycomb are prominent. Sipped slowly on its own, chilled, or serve with desserts, cheese platters or butternut soup,it is wonderful.  Available directly from the cellar at R130 per bottle, at Perdeberg’s Online Wine Shop or at select retail outlets nationwide.

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