Cosy inside.

Or outside

Pork belly–yum

Summer is here and come hell or high water—or lack of wine—there is no reason not to get out and EAT. And what better place to do it than at one of the great places one can go to within driving distance. The feeling of being in another world is heavenly.



Six generations of Louws have been lucky enough to be at Diemersdal since 1885. Gables galore greet one as you drive up but the wide open skies and fields tell you at once that you are not in Stellenbosch. This is the beginning of the West Coast and the siren’s call is to “loosen up” with no better place to do it than at their excellent restaurant which they call “The Eatery.” Chef Martin De Kock’s cooking draws from many cultures, French, Asian, and Italian among them. No frills and fancies here, just food that is delicious to eat and looks great on the plate. The restaurant is in a converted barn and is cosy and welcoming. If the weather is good, one can eat outside while you drink in all that country ambience.


The Tapas is great value and offers a range of flavours that beautifully compliment each other, just enough to keep one interested without becoming over indulged. On the platter you will find pork belly, lamb with harissa and labneh, duck breast with cherries and various kinds of delicious fish variations.  The farm bread is superb and the wines of Diemersdal –when you can get them–make an excellent foil for this kind of cooking. The a la carte menu features superb Chalmar sirloin steak with triple cooked chips, sauce béarnaise, and roast onions, a carnivore’s delight. If you are up to it there is an 800gm Chalmar T bone steak with all the trimmings. Desserts are irresistible, just bite sized to slake the urge for sugar. Service is smooth and friendly in the country manner. So get into the country and indulge your inner person, you will love it. Closed Mondays. No dogs allowed.

Cute little desserts

Looks good enough to eat!


PHONE 021 976 1810