Have you ever wanted to really get away from everything, to just leave it all behind, get on to the ocean wave, discover new places, to really interest yourself? Well, these days you can– all you need is money– quite a lot of it, actually.

The World in Cape Town

There exists a magnificent floating world, appropriately called The World.  This beautiful vessel is owned by 165 owners

who spend their lives, quite a lot of it, on board the vessel sailing on fabulous itineraries which they have chosen.

Survey foreign ports in comfort

The accommodation –can I really call it that? — starts off with gorgeous small suites with a bedroom, small sitting area, and a private balcony, of course its own bathroom, beautiful.

More than enough space for you?

The rest of the accommodation just gets larger and larger, including beautiful apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen with everything that opens and shuts, private dining room, beautiful lounge, and a large balcony, all fitted out in the manner you desire.

Lounge around after a busy day

There are 5 restaurants on board the ship, ranging from sushi through Italian, through steakhouse to fine dining, which would be Michelin standard if Michelin had a cruise guide, which they don’t. Not only that, but should you wish to entertain in your private home, you can ask one of the chefs to come and prepare a very special meal for you and your guests.

Private dinner party in your suite

Don’t worry about the wine, as there is a magnificent collection from all over the world, approximately 40,000 bottles, many of them from South Africa’s finest estates.


Superb wine collection

There is a small shop on board called Freddy’s where you can buy fresh produce and beverages, meats, fish and whatever you wish to prepare in your private suite.

Freddy’s deli

There’s also on board the largest private tennis court afloat, a magnificent swimming area, workout spaces of the highest quality, physiotherapists and a doctor and a nurse.

Bedding down in luxury

The vessel spends at least six or more days in each port it visits and was recently in Cape Town where we went aboard to see if this sort of life would appeal to us. Regrettably, we decided if we couldn’t have our cats with us life was really not worth living so we declined to purchase.

Sunset on your own private deck

Should you want to get up closer and see if this would appeal to you, check out the whereabouts of The World and fly there to meet it. You can book a cruise which suits you starting at $2000 per day with a minimum stay of four days.

The Antarctic visit is very popular

Oh, the price? Well, the small compartment I mentioned starts at $2.2 million and there is a 10% per annum charge, in this case over $200,000, running cost of the vessel. From this amount food and beverages will disappear up to a certain amount and the rest will go into keeping your world afloat and running. The two-bedroom apartments go at approximately $5 and a half million with an annual charge of over $500,000 to keep it all cozy. So why not check out where the vessel is and have a good look for yourself?  It’s magnificent—the only one in our world, anyway.