The tasting

Wildly successful, Darling Brewery has gone from strength to strength with its excellent range of craft beers. Now available all over the place, one remembers years back tasting in the little space in Darling town, delightful. Today they have moved to a huge industrial facility out of town and attract everybody—from motor bike fundis to Dads and Moms who know a good thing when they see it.

How’s that for a man size burger


The food available is equally country fare with hamburgers that will melt the heart of any dedicated carnivore—with chips to match. Essential to book a table at weekends and holidays  and even then you might have to wait while they sort things out. Once in, the experience is one to savour with a similarly devoted crowd.


The beers are knockout and prices are on the comfortable side. So get on the Harley and head up the West Coast Road.



DARLING BREW 076 092 8313