If, like me, picnic does not mean sitting on the ground,Bedouin style, this is for you—a MUST!

The setting for this epicurean adventure is as remarkable as the food itself. Guests stroll through a magnificent rose garden, filled with colourful blooms and exquisite scents, to the picnic setting in an atmospheric camphor tree forest. Dappled sunlight filters through the tree canopy to create a tranquil, magical atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from this natural beauty, the picnic menus are a symphony of flavours, textures and visual delights. Standard, vegetarian, vegan and children’s options are available, ordered in advance. Guests receive their picnics in traditional wicker baskets and enjoy the feast seated at elegantly decorated tables.

Standard picnics (R420/person) include Franschhoek smoked salmon trout mousse, farm pork pie, and Scotch egg served with piccalilli and farm chutney, plus mini French butternut and blue cheese quiche with red wine onion marmalade.

Vegetarian menu (R420/person) offerings include wild mushroom and herb mousse, butternut and blue cheese quiche, cheeses, chickpea and lentil salad with basil vinaigrette, coleslaw, new potato salad, and spanakopita with tzatziki.

Vegan menu (R495/person) items are similar to the vegetarian menu, but with vegan cheese and vegan spanakopita. Dessert is a vegan chocolate brownie with chocolate ganache and berries.

Children’s picnics (R180/child, aged 3-10 years old) include pizza pasta salad, a parmesan crusted chicken breast wrap with lettuce and cheddar cheese, carrot sticks with cream and herb cheese dip, watermelon spears, and a dessert of soft serve ice cream with toppings, plus jelly sweets and cheesy popcorn.

Vergelegen wines are served, plus mineral water and soft drinks.

Booking information: Picnics served daily November 2023 -April 2024. Baskets collected 12h15-13h30, closes 16h30. Reservations 24 hours in advance, specifying dietary preferences.

Email  picnic@vergelegen.co.za or phone 021 847 2111.

Menus and beverage list https://vergelegen.co.za/restaurants/picnics-at-vergelegen/.

Address: Vergelegen Wine Estate, Lourensford Road, Somerset West. Estate entrance fee R20 for adults, R10 for pensioners/scholars.

The full menus can be viewed at https://vergelegen.co.za/restaurants/picnic-at-vergelegen/food-menu/