Good morning at Tokara

What a setting for a brilliant brandy






Tokara, the family owned Stellenbosch wine estate, has won international acclaim with its luxurious, hand-crafted XO Potstill Brandy bringing home a Brandy Masters 2021 Gold Medal.

So what is the difference between Brandy and Cognac? Well, no difference except that Cognac is made in Cognac, France and Brandy is made in the rest of the world.



This annual competition presented by The Spirits Business, the leading international spirits trade publication based in the UK, is part of the Global Spirits Masters Series. The Brandy Masters rewards the finest brandies on the world stage with around 150 entries judged by a panel of spirits specialists.


The ultimate choice of aficionados, Tokara XO Potstill Brandy honours the age-old Cognac tradition. The Chenin Blanc base wine is double distilled retaining only the heart fraction for ageing in individual Limousin oak casks for 12 to 18 years. Time in Liquor terms always means money. Unctuous and complex with great depth of character, the palate delivers rich flavours of caramel, dried apricots and cocoa butter with a spicy finish and fine length.


Producing a refined brandy of this calibre has been the intention of GT and Anne-Marie Ferreira ever since they set their sights on making world class wines at Tokara over two decades ago. The XO is the natural progression of their distinguished five year old brandy first released in 2004.


“At Tokara we use a Pruhlo Alambic potstill that is considered to be one of the world’s finest setups for producing quality spirits. Being a small operation and having such incredible equipment at our disposal allows us to keep small batches of fine spirits separate. These unique batches are then skilfully selected to make a rich and distinctive blend,” says winemaker Stuart Botha.



“As a result of slow, prolonged barrel ageing, the aromas and flavours are more concentrated allowing the brandy to develop its distinctive character, fine length and depth of aftertaste,” explains Botha.


The Tokara XO Potstill Brandy comes in an elegant decanter with beautifully refined lines that appeals to all the senses. Presented in a beautifully designed case, it’s the definitive gift for epicureans in search of new distinctive tastes.


This elegant, world class XO brandy is available at the Tokara Tasting Lounge and selected purveyors of fine wines at a cellar door price of R950. For online purchases visit