After all that indulging–glazed gammon , turkey, beef Wellington, smoked salmon terrine, roast potatoes, trifle, cheese cake and so on–oy–enough already. I do love eating and drinking but even I go–enough already.


So how about these two totally refreshing ways to simmer down.

Heaven in a bowl


The first is gorgeous strawberries, covered in Greek yoghurt and slathered with honey. Tangy, sweet, silky, cool, all at the same time–and refreshing to boot. Easy to put together.Don’t feel guilty–you have given.

Perfect aftternoon treat


Follow or start with a good bubbly.We have so ,many here that we are spoiled for choice so do NOT feel you have to buy the imported stuff. One of my favourites is from BoschendaL– the Brut–crisp and clean and just the thing before the obligatory siesta–=a perfect way to perk up the day.  Enjoy and unwind –after all, tomorrow is another day–Miz Scarlett.