Just the thing for someone special


Serendipity is a moment where chance and opportunity come together, and this delicious Rosé from Brookdale is exactly that, as it was never planned to happen.

Winemaker Kiara Scott


The grapes come from a single block of Grenache Noir which had been planted to create a notable red wine blend. However, on the day of its first harvest in 2020, proprietor Tim Rudd and winemaker Kiara Scott were tasting the grapes and were inspired to use the entire block for an elegant rosé blend. ‘It was a complete leap of faith and the result is a summery, medium-bodied rosé as unexpected as it is marvellous. Proof that exploration of the unknown can result in something truly remarkable!’, says Rudd. The wine is medium salmon in colour and  packed with the fruity aromas of a Cape summer with some delightful floral notes. Perfectly controlled acids support all that fruit, leaving a seductive lingering finish in the mouth. Great with food and just the thing on a hot Cape summer day.


Perfect with food

A bargain at around R100.